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Specialists in Chocolate and Confectionery Technology

Product Development

Our unique expertise enables us to develop new products from suggestions arising from your market research, or we can create concepts suited to your market.

Several concepts developed by Richardson Researches, Inc. have resulted in successful products now in national distribution.

Product and Process Improvement

Your existing products may be in need of improvements and/or expansion.  Because of the wide and varied experience of our principals, we can confidently undertake technical assignments in these areas.

Evaluation of Raw Materials

The food market is every-changing and one way to increase profitability is to improve upon existing products.  New or alternative raw materials help achieve these goals.  The 32 billion dollar Chocolate, Confectionary and Gourmet Continental Chocolate industry is constantly searching for materials that provide equal functionality to existing ones and that make a contribution to its profitability.  The use of these materials needs to be properly developed and tested before being applied to products.  With our unique 56 years of expertise in the industry, along with the resources and staff of our organization, we are ideally suited to perform these functions for you.

Training and Educational Programs

Richardson Researches, Inc. offers three courses in technology: one in Chocolate, one in Confectionery, and one in Gourmet Continental Chocolate.  All of these courses cover the basic technology used in the Chocolate and Confectionery industry.

The course in Gourmet Continental Chocolates is available to those who desire knowledge and training in the manufacture of high-quality chocolates.

Hundreds of students from around the world have attended our courses and many of them have profited from taking all of them.

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