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gourmet continental chocolates

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Gourmet Continental Chocolates is a one-week course with extensive emphasis on the techniques of making unique, delicious-tasting, gourmet-type confections. Students will learn about chocolate handling and tempering procedures. The students will participate in every aspect, from making the products to hand-dipping them in chocolate and, of course, to taking their finished products home.

This course is geared for those who, by hands-on participation, want to learn about chocolate handling, hand tempering, dipping techniques and how to make fine confections. The recipes listed below will be given to the students, but the emphasis is on the techniques of making these fine confections. All material is copyrighted under the laws of the United States and may be reproduced for personal use only.

Gourmet Continental Chocolates Program

European Truffle  This truffle base is used to make Rosa Marias, in which a brandied cherry is folded into the truffle, then dipped in chocolate
English Toffee  Almond-butter crunch dipped in chocolate, rolled in almonds 
Rich Creamy Caramel  Caramel topped with walnuts, dipped in chocolate 
Cassis Noyau  An old French confection of fresh-fruit paste with pecans, shoulder dipped in chocolate
Zesty Citron Clusters  Orange peel and hazelnuts surrounded by dark chocolate - a European favorite of years past 
Butter Pecan Cream  Creamy butter pecan in chocolate
Strawberry Cream  Fresh and tangy cream, coated in chocolate
Gianduja Truffle 
Silky-smooth layers of milk and dark chocolate with hints of roasted hazelnuts - very Italian!
Couronne Praliné 
A toasted hazelnut surrounded by praliné in a chocolate shell
Orange Almond Nougat  Zesty fruit and almond chew, dipped in chocolate
Brandied Cherries  Cherry cream and a brandied cherry center in a chocolate dome
Chocolate Nut Fudge 
Rich chocolate and walnuts
Ganache Truffle  Velvety smooth, rich chocolate and cream in various liquors, rolled in cocoa, coconut and chopped almonds - a Swiss delight!
Krokant  Thin crispy nut crunch surrounded by chocolate - an old German favorite
Mocha Triangle  A tantalizing piece blending coffee, milk chocolate and walnuts 
Beurre Au Chocolate and Bernice  A light, fluffed mixture of milk chocolate with butter, with a touch of orange oil to make the tantalizing Bernice 
Amandines  A rich, deposited butter cream, topped with roasted almonds, then shoulder-dipped in chocolate 
Carmelita  A soft caramel surrounding a roasted hazelnut, shell molded in chocolate 
Orange Bernadotte  A butter-orange juice combination with a velvety texture, formed in chocolate shells 
Hazelnut Crispettes  Hazelnuts roasted in sugar and coated in milk chocolate - one more good one from France! 
Crème au Beurre  Rich whipped butter cream fondant - this forms the basis of many Belgian style chocolates 
Fleur de Chocolat  A light hazelnut chocolate butter confection - another one from Belgium 
box of chocolates

This box of chocolates was made by attendees of the Gourmet Continental Chocolates class.

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