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Confectionery Technology

“This is one of the best, most practical educational experiences in my professional career.   I would enthusiastically recommend this course to anyone seriously wanting to understand the fundamentals of confectionery science.”
  ––  Ron P. D’Amelia, PhD., Nabisco, New Jersey

“The course was better than I expected, educational and fun. The experiments were excellent. They were practical demonstrations of theory.”
––  George G. Morgan, Brach & Brock, Tennessee

“Your confectionery course was very helpful in expanding my understanding of candy technology.  All of those from Dare Foods who have attended the course view it as a valuable experience.”
––   Joanne R. Backman,  Dare Foods, Canada

“The best course I have attended in North America.  I enjoyed the combination of theory and practical laboratory work.  Great learning experience!”.  –– Paul Lautner,  Foley’s Candies, Canada

“I gained valuable knowledge from this course.  Richardson Researches' facilities are efficient and up to date. I believe that Terry Richardson is one the most knowledgeable resources available to us in the industry today.”
–– Tom Cinnamon, Purdy's Chocolates, British Columbia

“A lot of information; very educational and valuable.  The course was great.”
––  Jovy Viray, Harmony Foods, California

“Excellent, I will be recommending your course to anyone looking for an introduction into the confection field.”
  ––  Richard Gill, Lifesavers, New Jersey

“Very good training course in basic technology.”
  ––  Rodolfo Perez Cortes, Makymat, C.V. Mexico

“Good overview of basics - great 'hands-on'  approach.”
  ––  Jane Goodson, Colloides Naturels, New Jersey

Chocolate Technology

“Worth every penny, Everyone liked the "hands-on" experience.”
––  Kelly O'Flaherty, CadburyAdams, Canada

“The most informative instructive course that I have ever attended in my life.”
––  Oscar Baile, California

“I'll recommend the course for others to take.”
––  Larry Wayne, California

“Very good course, it brought a practical side to the theory.”
––  Jane Fredrich, PhD., Cargill, Pennsylvania

“A course like this is not only essential for those new to chocolate and confections, but also is a perfect refresher for those with more industry experience. I will recommend this course to my co-workers.”
––  Dan Kastor, Nestle's, Ohio

“During my career as a pastry chef, instructor and chocolatier, I have heard much conflicting information on the subject of chocolate.  After attending Terry Richardson’s Chocolate Technology course, I felt like a fog had been lifted.  An informative, intriguing, invaluable experience.”
––  Ian Titterton, Moonstruck Confections, Oregon

“Although the idea of working with chocolate is probably daunting for most individuals, after taking a course in Chocolate Technology from Richardson Researches, I left with a secure knowledge and understanding that continues to serve me today.  Terry Richardson has a way of breaking through the technological syntax and bringing it to the layman’s level for even the most chocolate-challenged person’s comprehension.  When I completed the course, I remember thinking, ‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of chocolate, I will fear no bloom’ .”
 ––  Jon Stocking, Endangered Species Chocolate Company, Oregon

“The course provides a great level of useful information directly applicable to most industries using chocolate.”
––  Paula Stancl, Nabisco, Canada

“Exceeded my expectations; it was excellent, giving me a thorough understanding of the complexities involved in making chocolate.”
––  Cherry Nicholson, Sun-Rype Products, Canada

“Very well presented; in an understandable method.  I would recommend this course to others.”
 ––  David Good, Jo’s Candies, California

“I was obviously pleased with the class--9.5 out of 10.”
––  Peter Greweling, Culinary Institute of America, New York

“It was a very good course that gave you a lot of useful information and good hands-on experience.”
––  Colin Belcham, Nabisco, Canada

Gourmet Continental Chocolates

"Had a great time.  You are a great teacher."
–– Dennis Kearney, Coco Delice Chocolates, California

"Since taking the Gourmet Continental Course in 1985, I have opened my own chocolate and pastry shop, and it has become very successful. Besides learning a great deal, I just plain enjoyed myself !! What a wonderful thing it was for me to learn so much and enjoy myself at the same time!" ––  Jack Elmer, Jaciva's Chocolatier, Oregon

“You did an extraordinary job.  Your teaching methods are thorough; you gave me confidence, and helped me achieve my goals.  I was finally able to master the art of not only tempering by hand, but also creatings ome wonderful chocolates from your recipes.  I would not hesitate to recommend this course.”  ––  Joan Grimm, California

“Every day that Crossroads Candies is open for business I use some part of the Continental Chocolate course.  There is no book or class out there that will give a better base for creating your own confections.”
––  Marcia Smullen, Crossroads Candies, California

“I can’t tell you how much Richardson Researches helped me when I started my business.  The Continental Chocolates Class was invaluable, and I still use the principles I learned from Terry, as well as some of the formulas.”
––  Alene De Brito, De Brito Chocolate Factory, California

“Terry, Terry the #1 man, the best damn confectioner in the land! Thanks for everything – you’ve given us a great start.”
––  Addie and Chris Parker, Village Candy Shoppe, Utah

“Super job; the results were the look and taste – superb!  Keep doing what you’re doing.  I highly recommend the course.”
––  Larry Stafford, Stafford’s Famous Chocolates, California

“Great course, not only for learning chocolate tempering, but for making delicious confections too.”
––  Gary Brockel, Brockel's Candies, Montana

"This course assisted me in launching a new line of European style truffles which won International awards."
–– Tom Cinnamon, Purdy's Chocolates, British Columbia

General Comments

"I attended both Confectionery and Chocolate Technology courses which were well structured, informative and fun. I believe your courses are a cost effective way to provide insight into confectionery manufacturing whether the student is a production supervisor, plant manager, marketing vice-president or CEO.  Thank you for a great course. I would be pleased to recommend it to anyone."
––  Michael Kurilecz, Jr. Chairman of the Board, Southern Style Nuts, Inc./Squirrel Brand Company, Texas.

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